20 Aug 2011

Game of the Week! Crash Bandicoot 2!

Its been a whole week already? geez, time sure flys when you play alot of video games and fap. 
So without furtherado, i bring you the Game of The Week!

Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back:
Personally, This is my favorite of the Naughty Dog created, Crash Bandicoot series, i'll actually tell you my opinion on all of them.

Crash Bandicoot: Amazing

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped: Amazing

Crash Team Racing: Amazing

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back: Double Amazing

But in all seriousness, everything in the Crash Bandicoot series went different when Naughty Dog stopped creating one of the best series ever created, Traveller's Tales took over creating one alright Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex) yet well all know once Traveller's Tales stop creating it and "Radical Entertainment" Took over, the game would never been the same again. 
Warp Room..
Anyway, enough of the Publishers, lets actually go over the game!

Crash Bandicoot 2, takes off just after you "Beat" Cortex in the first one, you are taken in to a "Evil" style warp-room where you are forced to obtain crystals for Cortex and such. Now personally, this warp-room was the best thing ever! you could go up and down from levels while Crash made hilarious faces and you could even stamp on a tiny bears head and life's would come out now that's entertainment! 
I remember the actual levels in Crash Bandicoot feeling alive! like the one where you have to ride this craft on the water and dodge whirl pools and such! oh the memories! 
The Tiny Tiger boss, now that was horribly annoying! I always fell and he never fell when i needed him too! i would be so close to him dying and then PLACE CRASHBANDICOOT DYING NOISE HERE I'd die. Twas annoying. 
Other than the two hard bosses and a small few really hard levels, the game was fairly easy and amazingly enjoyable to play! I remember it was fairly hard as a kid, but when i went back to play it the other day, it took me quite a while to get the hang of it again! But if you are a lucky boy like me and you own the new Xperia Play, you can actually get an emulator and play all the crash's like the good old days! Or you could just buy a PlayStation 1 Like a real man! 
All in all, I'll give it a

So, if you've played this game? what is your opinion on this genius game! 
And don't forget to vote for next weeks game of the week if you want me to review it and/or explain it!

13 Aug 2011

Game of the Week! Abe's Oddysee!

Sorry i haven't do a Blog post in two days or so, Thursday i just didn't do one and Friday, i was just to busy getting down that day!
But as most of you know! Thursday is before Friday and the day that comes after Friday is Saturday! which is today!
So, from now on, each week i will do a game of the week and explain some information about it, all this and that! and you will tell me if you agree and if you've played it and this and that!

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee:
As a kid, i was pretty much brought up with this game! i used to play it no stop but never really understood the game itself, i would always laugh when abe gave wind and my mum would always shout at me. But recently i took back my old copy of Abe back from my older brother and decided i would revisit it!
So, the first thing i must say is, its hard. extremely hard! there so much to save. alot of the levels later on are extremely hard! The graphics for its time were actually pretty snazzy though they weren't anything special! and for a game from the past, the story line actually made sense and had alot to think about while playing the game. I loved the whole speaking to other Mudokon's and having to do secret passwords to get in to places and get out of places! Another thing i loved was taking over those Sligs and just throwing them off cliffs, hilarious! i know, i'm easy to please! but this game is extremely pleasing!  
All in all, this game is amazing! i can't really say anything bad about it and if you haven't played it, i highly recommend you play it! you can buy it off steam for £1.99 which is HELLA cheap! You'll be playing for hours and hours if you want to complete the game 100%! 
I'll give it a 9.5/10

So, if you've played this game? what is your opinion on this genius game! 
And don't forget to vote for next weeks game of the week if you want me to review it and/or explain it!

9 Aug 2011

Age Of Empires? Minecraft Lulz? and Brink?

I've decided i'm going to pick days in which i'm going to talk about a certain things!
Today being Tuseday!, I've decided i'll talk about the games I've been playing this week and such.. well one of them being a game i've been "Trying" to play.
But what shall i call this day? Totally Radical Tuesdays? What is this? The 80s? How about Tautochronous Monday? What does that even mean?
You know what? lets just call it Tuesday? Because i can't be bothered thinking of a word to put in front of Tuesday that some how raps up what i'm doing on a Tuesday.. Unless anyone wants to help a brother out? no? didn't think so.
Age Of Empires!
Have you ever played this game? Yes? Good, then you'll understand how time consuming it is! when ever i start a "quick" Deathmatch game, I always end up playing for hours on end just building, collecting resources, building, attacking, building some more. Man oh man, i must say i love this game so much! I'm not going to go as far as saying "BEST RTS EVAR" But i will say it is one of the best! The campaign is exciting, the different types of game modes you can have, the different strategy's and the difficulty's will keep you going for hours and hours on end! If you haven't played any of the AOE's series. go. buy. now. I would recommend it to anyone who likes RTS and even to people who don't! Its addicting and highly enjoyable!

Minecraft Lulz!
Nice house.. be a sssssshame if ssssomething were to happen to it
You don't know what Minecraft is? Where have you been for the past year?
If you've heard too much of Minecraft, Impossible. You are about to hear more anyway!
Minecraft, being a Sandbox "You can do what ever you like" Survival game and muiltplayer too, you can waste so much time in to this game! Don't let the graphics put you off! The gameplay it self will keep a man going for years on end without getting bored of the.. box-ness of the game!
Personally, i have wasted alot of my life on this game lately, but its so damn addicting and i don't think it'll ever stop being!
I've only recently started playing the muiltplayer more with a few friends and i must say! i have been missing out! TNT, TNT everywhere. 
Let me tell you a quick little story of a time i gave my friend OP (Operator) On a server of mine.. 
Me: "Btw (place friends name here) you can type /give (name) (item id) (quantity) to yourself"
Friend: " Orly?" (Spawns TNT) (Places in big house i just created)
Me: "Ha, real funny, just don-"
Friend: (Places red stone next to TNT and hits button)Then house ded. 
Note to self, do not give Friends rights on servers.
But in all seriousness, if you actually haven't played this game. what are you?
Creepers gunna creep.

So, this weekend was the Brink free to play weekend. inwhich i actually didn't get to play any Brink as Brink being a game that doesn't like my computer and decides "You know what, Fuck yo shit!" and crashes as soon as loading a game. which means, yeah i watched the intro, yeah i made a character, yeah i got excited to see what it was like But NOPE! no load!
So i actually can't even tell you my opinion on this game or even say if i liked it or disliked it!
I loved the intro.. it was pretty epic.
Oh well, if you want a review on this game or something, go bother IGN or Machinima.. I have other things to do!

Anyway! Thats Tuesday for you! Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday Blog!
Next Tuesday will be the same!
Tomorrow is Why the fuck can't i think of a word that can go infront of wednesday, wednesday!

6 Aug 2011

Console gaming? Or PC Gaming?

Well, today I decided to start my daily blog with a question
 The Title says it all! 

Here is what i think!
(Just in case I get "hate" I am not forcing opinions on to anyone, just stating my personal views on what I think is better!) I actually have both Console and A Fairly good PC for Gaming.
No, I am not a "rich boy" I just am very very fond of Gaming and enjoy both experiences on PC and Console.
I personally have different uses for both devices.

For Consoles,
I only play certain games, seen as though I have an Xbox and not a PS3, I use my Xbox 360 for Xbox Orignals, Xbox Exclusives and Mainly Racing games.
I am not a Football or Sports Game fan, so I actually don't play any games like that, but i hear that sports games are a hell of alot better on consoles then PC,

Now for PC,
I play all the main FPS (First Person Shooters) series (Call Of Duty and Counter Strike and such!), Minecraft, Runescape, LoL and RPGS! Now PC is so much better for FPS! before people argue, FPS was first made for PC! and will always free better on a PC (With Halo being an exception!) I Remember how Call Of Duty 4 was so amazing for PC then for console it just didn't feel the same? All the modding availability for PC is just amazing aswell (Inb4 Xbox has J-Tag and Mods..)

From PC Gamer
Consoles just don't feel the same for games like  FPS and RPGS! Now i mean, i haven't played all games on PC and Xbox so i can't really tell you why each game is better on something one or the other.

Personally, alot of Console games don't have the same graphics as what is available on a PC, i know PS3 has a quite good Graphics system, but computers update regularly and new Graphics cards come out all the time meaning for PC gaming, Graphics just keeps getting better and better, where as consoles don't change hardware! therefore once they hit a limit, they can't break that without damaging the console itself! Thats why alot of older versions of the Xbox 360 "red ring" more often on newer games and on the older games they work fine!

But anyway! This is still only an opinion! don't get me wrong! i love Console gaming and i like the idea of having a Voice Chat built in instead of having to type what you say on most online games on PC, though i will always prefer PC!
I hope you enjoyed my views on the two different types of gaming! and i hope you comment saying what your  favorite type of gaming is!


5 Aug 2011

November, the Month of Games!

Well, i don't know about you guys! but i can't wait for november! its going to be the best month for gamers ever! seriously!
Anyway! here are some of the beast! games that shall be coming out this november: 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 8th November 
Personally, i'm not the biggest Call of Duty fan, but Modern Warfare is my favorite of the Call Of Duty Series so i have alot of hope on this game when it comes out! 
Information so far about MW3 is that its pretty much on the same engine as MW2 but with new guns, new perks and a very epic campaign as per usual! 
A man running!
Here are the supposedly "leaked" map names for multiplayer! 
MW3 Multiplayer Maps
  • Alpha
  • Alps
  • Bootleg
  • Bravo
  • Brooklyn
  • Carbon
  • Coast
  • Dome
  • Exchange
  • Hardhat
  • Interchange
  • Lambeth
  • Meteora
  • Mogadishu
  • Paris
  • Plaza
  • Radar
  • Seatown
  • Underground
  • Village

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 11th November 
I personally can't wait for this game! this is like the game i've been waiting for, for a long time! i think when this comes out there goes my job and my everything else i have to do, as i will be no-lifeing for atleast 2-3years! as i need to complete everything that is possible and that has too be done just like oblivion! 
My favorite part about Skyrim has to be the Dragons! Dynamic and not coded! just means your going to be walking around to a new town and BANG a dragon comes out of not where and completely teabags you in to the ground! 

Well, after the horrible cliffhanger of Brotherhood, i do hope this will be one of the best games of the year! Seen as though Ezio Auditore da Firenze is looked extremely old in the latest one, though Ezio could be 90 and still kick some serious ass in Assassins creed as we all know he is pretty bad ass! 
If you haven't watched the trailer, well, i'm going to explain some parts of the trailer, as it confuses me! 
I noticed in the trailer you see Altair in the trailer as well as Ezio as it looks like Desmond is having a flashback within a flashback, so.. i just think this game will be hella epic for when it comes out!

This game! Oh God, i remember when i first played Halo: Combat Evolved, that changed my views on console games and i decided i would start buying xbox games instead of playing them on my Computer, which was incredibly slow at the time, To this day, Halo is still one of my favorite game series to ever come out (Even if Reach's multiplayer was a big let down!) Now that there making a remake on the Halo Reach Engine, all i know is the campaign is going to be just as i remembered it and how i loved it, but multiplayer? lets just hope they bring back the flamethrower.  

Well, these are personally the main games i will be looking forward too but i know theres plenty more coming out this year and even some more in november (MINECRAFT THE FULL GAME?!?!?) So i hope you enjoyed my little break down of the games that i am looking forward too! 
Heres a good website to see all the realeases for this year! http://www.eurogamer.net/releases.php?
Thank you very much!

The Start Of Blogging

So, I'm going to be starting to blog from now on!
By epic i mean fairly average blogs.
But still! they'll be slightly entertaining i hope!
Comment on what games and such you would like to see me post on this blog and such!