9 Aug 2011

Age Of Empires? Minecraft Lulz? and Brink?

I've decided i'm going to pick days in which i'm going to talk about a certain things!
Today being Tuseday!, I've decided i'll talk about the games I've been playing this week and such.. well one of them being a game i've been "Trying" to play.
But what shall i call this day? Totally Radical Tuesdays? What is this? The 80s? How about Tautochronous Monday? What does that even mean?
You know what? lets just call it Tuesday? Because i can't be bothered thinking of a word to put in front of Tuesday that some how raps up what i'm doing on a Tuesday.. Unless anyone wants to help a brother out? no? didn't think so.
Age Of Empires!
Have you ever played this game? Yes? Good, then you'll understand how time consuming it is! when ever i start a "quick" Deathmatch game, I always end up playing for hours on end just building, collecting resources, building, attacking, building some more. Man oh man, i must say i love this game so much! I'm not going to go as far as saying "BEST RTS EVAR" But i will say it is one of the best! The campaign is exciting, the different types of game modes you can have, the different strategy's and the difficulty's will keep you going for hours and hours on end! If you haven't played any of the AOE's series. go. buy. now. I would recommend it to anyone who likes RTS and even to people who don't! Its addicting and highly enjoyable!

Minecraft Lulz!
Nice house.. be a sssssshame if ssssomething were to happen to it
You don't know what Minecraft is? Where have you been for the past year?
If you've heard too much of Minecraft, Impossible. You are about to hear more anyway!
Minecraft, being a Sandbox "You can do what ever you like" Survival game and muiltplayer too, you can waste so much time in to this game! Don't let the graphics put you off! The gameplay it self will keep a man going for years on end without getting bored of the.. box-ness of the game!
Personally, i have wasted alot of my life on this game lately, but its so damn addicting and i don't think it'll ever stop being!
I've only recently started playing the muiltplayer more with a few friends and i must say! i have been missing out! TNT, TNT everywhere. 
Let me tell you a quick little story of a time i gave my friend OP (Operator) On a server of mine.. 
Me: "Btw (place friends name here) you can type /give (name) (item id) (quantity) to yourself"
Friend: " Orly?" (Spawns TNT) (Places in big house i just created)
Me: "Ha, real funny, just don-"
Friend: (Places red stone next to TNT and hits button)Then house ded. 
Note to self, do not give Friends rights on servers.
But in all seriousness, if you actually haven't played this game. what are you?
Creepers gunna creep.

So, this weekend was the Brink free to play weekend. inwhich i actually didn't get to play any Brink as Brink being a game that doesn't like my computer and decides "You know what, Fuck yo shit!" and crashes as soon as loading a game. which means, yeah i watched the intro, yeah i made a character, yeah i got excited to see what it was like But NOPE! no load!
So i actually can't even tell you my opinion on this game or even say if i liked it or disliked it!
I loved the intro.. it was pretty epic.
Oh well, if you want a review on this game or something, go bother IGN or Machinima.. I have other things to do!

Anyway! Thats Tuesday for you! Hope you enjoyed my Tuesday Blog!
Next Tuesday will be the same!
Tomorrow is Why the fuck can't i think of a word that can go infront of wednesday, wednesday!


  1. You really didn't miss out with Brink, I reviewed it a few days ago, and the comments all agreed with me the game is meh. Also minecraft eats souls. Seriously you loose days to it so easily.

  2. If you liked playing Age of Empires, I would suggest the Stronghold series. Also, quality post.

  3. I have wasted countless hours on Age of Empires, such an amazing series of games.

  4. I remember this AoE2 map, in which on a big island there were 4 corners with a bunch of castles protected by a wall and one main gate. Each castle produced an unit if you placed your King in it. Big learning curve to get the hang of it, but when you finally got it, it was so fun to crush your opponent in less then 5 minutes.

    Sadly, no good replacement has come yet for AoE if you ask me.

  5. i love aoe and minecraft but brink sucks

  6. I played Age of empires all the time. When I was a kid. I played aoe II and spawned Vipers everywhere and cheated. basically.

  7. Poor house of minecraft, i love the multiplayer :D

  8. I love playing AoE, I tend to lock my enemies in their area, and use the rest of the map to build towns. It's so awesome!

  9. Everyone loves Minecraft, well, almost everyone.

  10. AOE is a classic. Great blog +follow

  11. The Settlers 7 was pretty good, but limited. Anno and Civ (current iterations) are awesome.

  12. Age of empires is alright but ever tried Starcraft 2?
    +followed by starcraftdinner.blogspot.com

  13. neither one of those but i agree with PC gaming is where its at any one who disagrees with me can die in a hole you pagan

    +followed computerfixins.blogspot.com

  14. aoe was ruined by aoe3 =/

    anyway, +following and supporting! ;)

  15. I love AoE and Minecraft, never played Brink though! I'll have to give it a try sometime.